Oct 31, 2010


today activities : shopping
types of items : wedding's things

" L-A-M-E"

but , "C-O-O-L" ;d

we had fun . me , kak daia , abah and ma-ma : D

first pegi jalan TAR , kak daya had decided to buy for a shawl
she need it when she go for the class , huh =.= she said its hard to wear the tudung ,
lame heh ? hehe . and plus , i had to buy it act , for the jamuan akhir tahun
my face really dont fit with the shawl ! =.="

okay , bye-bye . i hve to get back for the school and hostel .
its been a week since i dont go for the school
my schoolmates must miss me so much :- D

please dont missunderstood , the phone's picture was DOO JOON :D

dont you dare to look at my face =.="

"Superb damn rock" , hee
itulah ayat yang paling hebat mira pernah dgr , fromm ..
the kids , Syafika =.="

Syafika : Suu..superrbb dammn rockkyy !
Me : Baby ! goshhhh =,=

Again ^.^

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